Do I ever regret my knuckle tattoos?

I was asked on twitter last night whether I ever regretted my knuckle tattoos. Which made me think.

Have I ever regretted them?

Well although I'd considered the vague notion of getting them for a while, the actual decision to go for it, was an impulsive one. I was working at a stall for The London Tattoo Convention and just decided to go for it. I had to choose what to get on them, and pretty nearly went for


I would have regretted that choice for sure.

But I went with READ MORE, as I visualised holding a brand new baby with WINE TIME on my hands - which wouldn't have been as funny then. I will always adore and love books. I will never not agree with the sentiment of reading more. So I figured that if I was going to go for it, a tattoo for my adoration of books was a certainity.

I got them done in Sept 2011, so about 16 months ago now. Since then I've added an impulsive duck to my hand too (which you can just see in the above picture). Once you've crossed the line you've crossed it!

Have I ever regretted crossing the line? Overall no, but there are definite moments of reflection when I sometimes would like the option to not be a tattooed person. When I'm in clothes, most are hidden, but these need gloves - which I never wear. So these tattoos mean I am always out there to be judged. I am always a tattooed woman. I am always that person.

I don't regret my tattoos, I love what tattoos have brought to my life. But yes, I do have moments where I wish I could switch them off. 

My knuckles and hand tattoos mean I am a certain person for ever. They mean my career choices are narrowed - forever. They mean I look a certain way - forever. They have closed some doors - maybe forever. Do I wish I hadn't had them - no. 


Picture - Lisa Jane Photography.