Dita Von Teese - Style Inspiration with £10 #styleonabudget

Welcome to #styleonabudget, a blog challenge where we use a fabulous and famous lady as our inspiration for a £10 style challenge.

This first challenge is Dita Von Teese - a tough challenge as she's known for expensive tastes! This challenge if open to all, whether you're a style or beauty blogger. You can create a head-to-toe fashion look with your £10 or alternatively a beauty look for the same amount. Then we get to be nosy and see how we've all got on!

Make sure you tweet us or link to us so we can all see how we've fared. I never said it would be easy ;-)

dita von teese style for £10.jpg

I gave myself one shopping trip for the challenge, and hit about 4 charity shops. I was looking for either a pencil skirt or a full skirt, but I knew a pencil skirt would be  more likely!

dita feet.jpg

I knew I'd have to buy some super high heels, as Dita doesn't often rock a comfy shoe! These are the highest shoes I've ever worn!

inspired by dita.jpg

I bought:

A sheer top with satin bow - £3.50

Pencil skirt with leather-look panel - £4

High Heels - £2.50

I spent exactly £10!

dita von teese inspiration.jpg

How do you think I did?

Fancy joining in? Have a go! Let Dita inspire you with a tenner! #styleonabudget

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  • Lori - Rarely Wears Lipstick had a virtual attempt at spending her Dita £10. A great way of shopping without shopping!