Dita Von Teese is pretty awesome. Fact.


I've always been a fan of the honest contradictions that Dita Von Teese embraces. She does a fabulous job of not being what people may expect her to be.

"I almost always do my own makeup <rather than a make up artist>....I feel most beautiful when I have my red lips on and when I have my cat eyeliner on and my hair curled—that’s what I feel good in, even though lots of people will see me with straight hair and no makeup on, and they’ll say I look so much younger. I don’t really care, though. I don’t care if they think I look prettier without the makeup and hair—it’s about what makes you feel good about yourself. I like having makeup on; I like the discipline it requires." Interview with Into the Gloss

"I saved at least 15pc of everything I earned and invested it in mutual funds (the American equivalent of unit trusts). Not only do I still have those investments, I still have some of the cash I started saving.

 People thought I was crazy to be so serious about money at such a young age, but I was not your average stripper – for me it was business and I was thinking of my future." Interview with The Telegraph

"One thing I would never do is that thing some dancers do when they hold their hand to their ear to get applause from an audience. That’s just about the least chic thing I have ever seen a performer do! In my opinion, elegance has nothing to do with “how much” is shown and far more to do with the way one presents herself. .... In my opinion, we all have a right to be objectified if that’s what we want. Listen, in my wildest sex fantasies, no one loves me for my mind! " Interview with The Rumpus

"In the era of camera phones, you need to figure out your good side and your ‘camera face.’ It’s totally acceptable to analyze that.” Interview with Harper's Bazaar

"if I walk out of the house dishevelled, I’m going to run into an ex, or and ex’s new girlfriend, or the paparazzi! So, I’m motivated. Plus, when you take a little time to put yourself together, you always have a better day. So I’m motivated by having a day where I feel good, and for me, that includes feeling put together... It doesn’t take any longer to apply a red lipstick than it does a beige one. I’m not really as high-maintenance as I look. I just have a routine down. I’m fast!" Interview with Holli-Mae


I recently attempted to create a Dita inspired look for £10 in #styleonabudget - take a peek!