Dior Illustrated (René Gruau ) at Somerset House

Today I spent a lovely sunny day with one of my closest friends Nanny. We popped along to Somerset House to see the Dior Illustrated: René Gruau & the line of beauty exhibition.


We arrived, and hadn't realised it wasn't a free exhibit, so paid our £6 and kept our fingers crossed. Photography wasn't allowed, so we took a photo outside. All of my other photos are from the free booklet.




Gruau met Chrstian Dior when they were illustrators at a French newspaper in 1936. When Dior created the New Look in 1947 he turned to Gruau to illustrate the designs. When Miss Dior, Dior's first perfume was launched Gruau was asked to produce a series of illustrations. Dior gave Gruau freedom to ''do exactly as you want''. Even when Dior died in 1957 he continued to produce illustrations for the House of Dior into the 1980s.

























Overall, the exhibit felt a little small for the price, and although we liked the artwork, we didn't stay too long.

There was an amazing 40s jacket, which I would have loved to be able to see a bit better. Great structural shape - and classic 40's couture.