Did you know how realistic wigs can be? (otherwise known as how Kylie and Beyonce have such great hair.

Now, you may well know this about me, but I'm a big fan of faux hair (wig, weave and extensions). I've included an old video of mine above as half wigs have long been my favourite way of customising my hair, and adding length.

I've spent the evening browsing full lace wigs, as I'd like to explore these now as an option, and I had to share with you some of the hidden magic of wigs. I know Kylie Jenner has thrown a recent light on the power of wigs (that has long been known by the black community), and I know that many people don't recognise wigs when worn by the rich and famous.

I had to share with you this fascinating/inspiring instagram account, for a wig store here in London. I may well have to save up and treat myself and invest in one too! But more on that later.

A-List Lace Hair is definitely worth checking out if you need some new hair-spo.

I've also been watching a lot of youtube reviews of wigs, and how to best manage your lace front wig, and I discovered @snitchery who is my new wig inspiration. She wears wigs everyday (I believe) and rocks it in a way I want to! I want to start upping my hair game.

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Anyhoo, of course I didn't do all that research and not make a purchase! I had a wish list of about , but considering I still have three new halfwigs under the bed, I decided to be sensible and just order one. So watch this space people, Ree is a lace front wig is on the horizon.