Deliciously Ella, Great Gifts and New Glasses

how to give good presents

It turns out I'm a great gift giver. I've always known it, and almost resented it, as I feel such pressure to out-do myself each time, I can get quite anxious about how successful my choices will be. However, I was reminded of this again recently, when my boyfriend exclaimed I'd probably given him the best birthday gifts he'd had. Not the most expensive for sure, but I think what a great present holds is thought. The gift shows that you listen to what they say and remember it. Or that you've noticed something about them, and remembered it. My gift ended up including a delivery from The Diner (which arrived 2 minutes before B) as he'd worked til midnight most days that week and was too exhausted to head out for a birthday meal.

auntie aviator glasses spitalfields

The next morning was "collect my new glasses" day. I definitely own far more pairs of glasses than the average. They're the ultimate accessory, they sit on your face almost every waking moment, so you should at least love them! I tend to buy vintage glasses, and couldn't resist starting the new year with a new pair. These were from Auntie Aviator who has a stall at Spitalfields market every Saturday.

deliciously ella sweet potato wedges

We had a rather chilled weekend, and spent a lot of it cooking from Deliciously Ella's cookbook. I'm not a natural cook, but I've found it's a nice activity to share. These are her sweet potato wedges which are flavoured with paprika and cinnamon. They were bleeding amazing. We served them with two types of frozen veggie burgers from Asda. Cheating? Perhaps!

sweet potato brownies

To take advantage of the sweet potatoes, we also made Ella's sweet potato brownies. We've tried a few 'healthy brownies' before with little success but these were yummy. Ten points all round so far. We did however have a slight dud, perhaps we pushed our luck too far.

deliciously ella pancakes

The recipe was for waffles, and required a waffle iron, but I decided they'd work fine as pancakes. Firstly, I hadn't realised how much mixture the recipe made! I battled on and decided we could keep them in the fridge for breakfast for a few days.These were ok, but I wouldn't rush to repeat the exercise. I'll stick to sweet potatoes I think 

lilac hair 2016

An early start awaited the next morning, and being on a train at 7am is a rather alien experience  for me. I wasn't a happy bunny. However I took care to reflect on my the gratitude that I wasn't regularly squeezing onto a packed tube before the sun had risen.