Defending our own failures (especially to Gordon Ramsey)

Kitchen Nightmares  is a long-running tvshow, with Chef Gordon Ramsey helping restaurants here in the UK as well as the USA. Failing restaurants apply to the tv show which no doubt they've watched (it has been running for 7 years now) to 'win' the opportunity to have Gordon come and whip the business into shape, as well as having a restaurat make over. They're often at the stage of being a few months away from closing (and no doubt bancruptcy).

I imagine they have to go through quite an application process, forms and interviews etc. They're on their last financial legs. They're begging for help.

They've asked for help, yet they spend the whole time arguing, defending and slagging Gordon off. They scream, they justify why they use frozen food, and declare that Gordon has nothing to teach them.

They want help, yet don't want it when it arrives. They want answers, but they only want the answer that doesn't include accepting the blame themselves.

Just because someone wants help, does not mean that they are ready for help, or perhaps, controversially, they'll never be able to be helped.

The show highlights the ability we have to believe in our own denial. We can find it so hard to step away from ourselves, and realise that perhaps other people know best, or that we've made poor choices. As I like to remind myself (and others) just because we believe something to be true, doesn't mean it is.