Decluttering to create a new life

When we walk into a freshly tidied room, or a new hotel room, we instantly feel a sense of calm, and our soul almost relaxes.

When we sort our wardrobe or desk, we gain a sense of productivity and cleansing. 

These emotional responses we have to 'stuff', and clutter are not a coincidence, our minds really do respond to our environments, and how sorted and tidied they are.

Over the last year or so I've been working on my emotional responses to my possessions, to be able to let more go; I'd really just started feeling suffocated by it all.

I'm now moving house, and using it as a fresh start, to really consider what items I love enough to pack up, move and unpack at the other end. Here are some of the thought processes I've been using to help me let go of quite a lot of possessions.

1. When I hold the object, does it make me happy?

2. Have I used the object recently? 

3. Do I have more than one of them?

4. When I visualise my dream space, does this object fit in?

5. I don't need to own everything. Does it enhance my life? Would the clear space enhance it more?

Just because I've always been messy, and owned a lot of objects doesn't mean that I have to be a messy person forever. We create ourselves, and we create our living spaces. I am focusing on the living space I dream of occupying, and making it happen. Long gone are the days of needing notice for guests (to tidy up), and apologising for my cluttered space.

Wish me luck!