Decluttering my vintage wardrobe

I am on a declutter mission, and I'm sure I can't be alone in using a declutter drive to acquire new things?! Ha ha! I started with finally getting rid of lots of lovely vintage clothes that I just don't wear anymore. Some of the items just aren't my style anymore, and some are just too big. Vintage clothes can be hard to part with; you can feel like they're one-of-a-kind, rare and precious and getting rid of them feels like a mistake you'll regret in the future.

After watching Andrew Mellon on youtube, and buying his book via Kindle, I'm trying to focus on items as just being items. A hat is just a hat. Objects are not memories, and do not hold any more value than we allow them to have. I'm trying to picture the life I would like (less clutter, more tidy-ness) and what actions help me achieve that. Hanging onto objects that I don't use doesn't get me to that goal.

With that in mind, I took a whole bag of vintage clothes to a vintage shop, and 'sold' it for a single vintage piece that fits. This made the decluttering much easier - the clothes were going to be a better home, I have  more wardrobe space, but the excitement of one new item.

I also allowed myself the incentive of buying these new leopard print boots (brand new with £40 price tag, but for £10 in charity shop) as an exchange for getting rid of some of my own similar shoes. I really don't need so many similar casual shoes, and my shoe storage area is a pile of messy, overwhelming muddle. I really need to streamline.