Dating - exhausting and exciting

I've probably dated more than most have. This isn't an active choice exactly, as in I don't want to be a 'dater' but just that I'm looking for something/someone and haven't found it yet. So the active choice is to keep dating, so that I increase my chances of bumping into him.

Dating is both exciting and exhausting.

It's exciting because something new and life changing could happen. Dating the right person is fun and can give you a renewed energy for the regular things in life. Suddenly going to eat is worth looking forward to, and planning outfits gives you something to think over during the day. You can enjoy the 'what-ifs' and 'maybes' and play out futures that probably won't happen but are amusing to flirt with in your head. The unknown is exciting.

It's exhausting because you have to put yourself on show, over and over. The early conversations can become repetitive, going over the basics with each new prospect. Trying to get past people's barriers, to figure out their true self, can become tiring. First date nerves, talking to an essentially a stranger for a whole night, can all become a little draining after a while. The false starts, where you think you're getting somewhere, but you're not, can start to suck away your hope.

My ex used to tease me for being a 'serial dater', but I'm not...I'm just an eternal optimist.