Dating as a feminist

tinder for feminists

I was recently featured in Glamour magazine, which revealed our Tinder profiles, and the reason behind the picture. I was quoted as saying, "My t-shirt is a great way to weed out men who find my politics 'annoying'."

A few weeks later, I had this exchange on Bumble.

feminists on bumble

So we started with a flirty kiss, and he returned to my profile again. Then he saw the t-shirt and changed his tune.

feminism online dating

I hear my mother's voice in my head swiftly reminding me never to pay any attention to anything before the word 'but'. 

The line "...but I've found feminists are against me" literally made me laugh out loud.

bad bumble messages

I was referencing his bio, which said he was a 'sapiosexual' which technically means "attracted to intelligence'.

Feminism - your local neighbourhood cult. We sacrifice men to the higher gods, sipping on their blood.

He wasn't quite done.

men who hate feminists

I enjoyed another laugh here though, those inverted commas are pure genius, and I think I want a t-shirt. 

feminist jumper 2018