Dare to be different with Chrysler Ypsilon - Summer Nail Art

 This is a sponsored post, but all views are of course my own

The Chrylser Ypsilon Vice or Virtue campaign challenges women to be different and more daring (right up my alley of course!) and they’ll be setting daily challenges (with daily prizes over on The Stylist website). Today’s #YpsilonVice Challenge was “Go to the nail bar and choose a crazy design to celebrate the summer” which is right up my alley as I’m addicted to acrylic nails.

I used to love gel polish, and used to go to Nails Inc regularly for a nail painting session. I liked how they didn’t chip, and made my chubby little hands feel more elegant.

However, last year I was finally introduced to the world of acrylic nails and I haven’t looked back. I suppose the main difference is that acrylic nails will always be uniform in length, whereas gel nails have to take go directly on your own nails (which may or  may not be equal in length).

Acrylics had always made me nervous, as I would hear about how damaging they are for your natural nails, but now I laugh (with pretty nails) in the face of that argument.

There is no  prize in heaven for having perfect and untouched nails. I’m not sure what my nails are like underneath (I haven’t not had acrylic nails for over 12 months now) but I love my nails and get joy from having hands that are manicured.


I imagine that damage tends to occur if you pull a nail off, or  start trying to pick it off at home.

I usually get a plain glitter polish, so was curious as to what I’d look like after today’s challenge. I went to my usual nail bar and said I needed a nail design that said ‘summer’. This is what I got!

Do you paint your nails seasonally? Are you a nail art fan?

If you take part in today's Vice or Virtue challenge you will be entered to win one of 5 Nails Inc spring/summer nail collections.

I have taken some of the other challenges too:

1. Go make-up free to work

2. Have a duvet day with pizza

3. Stay in on Friday with a face pack

4. Ran 10k to test my endurance