Dare to be different with Chrysler Ypsilon - Pizza Challenge

 This is a sponsored post, but all views are of course my own

The Chrylser Ypsilon Vice or Virtue campaign challenges women to be different and more daring (right up my alley of course!) and they’ll be setting daily challenges (with daily prizes over on The Stylist website).

I have already taken the #YpsilonVice challenge of endurance, the #YpsilonVirtue challenge of staying in, and for my 3rd challenge I went for a 'vice' again....despite it making me somewhat anxious.


The fact that pizza is a challenge to me may seem rather ridiculous to many, but for me, pizza is not part of my life anymore. Back in January 2013 I made a new year’s resolution to change how I eat and live forever. I’d had enough with my addiction to pizza, pasta and biscuits. I’d had enough of carrying the weight I did on my stomach. I’d finally had enough. Since then, pizza is not something I choose to feature in my life (but it had regularly been dinner for years, perhaps 1-3 times a week at times). I have had an occasional single slice when a boyfriend ordered it (I would order salad) but I’ve really tried to break my relationship with it (and succeeded).

So I read this challenge, and knew that it was one I wanted to take. I must admit, I changed it ever so slightly, I didn’t have a duvet day, but a duvet afternoon (I can’t stay in bed all day!) and I didn’t order the pizza in, I bought one from the supermarket but it’s definitely a vice challenge personally! I was curious as to how I’d feel about it all afterwards.


Having little Ellington feature in this blog post is bitter sweet, as you can read the sad news from last week.

I settled in under my duvet but actually I’d say I attempted and failed this challenge. Which goes to prove it was actually a challenge for me! I simply can’t sit and enjoy the ‘nothingness’ of staying in bed. I want to still be doing something, so I did some emails and blog posts, but from bed. Perhaps duvet days just have to organically happen, rather than being booked in? Or perhaps I’m just not a pizza and bed kindda girl anymore?! Or maybe they’re only fun when shared ;-) 

If you want to take this challenge more successfully than me, today’s prize over on Stylist is a year’s worth of Papa John’s pizza

Watch this space for the next #Ypsilonvice or #Ypsilonvirtue I take part in (new challenges are
being set daily), and do let me know if you use them as an excuse to do something that pushes 
your boundaries a bit!