Dare to be different with Chrysler Ypsilon - Going Make Up Free

 This is a sponsored post, but all views are of course my own

The Chrylser Ypsilon Vice or Virtue campaign challenges women to be different and more daring (right up my alley of course!) and they’ll be setting daily challenges (with daily prizes over on The Stylist website). Today’s #YpsilonVirtue Challenge was “Dare to bare and go to work make-up free” and even as I read it I felt the fear run through my veins!

I adore make-up, and am never make-up free. I wear make-up to the gym, to the corner shop and I love the theatre of applying my face each and every morning. I actually feel sorry that men don’t have the option to create their own face; they have to just live in their same face each and every day. Having the power to apply a look brings me joy, and I feel no shame in it.

I don’t hate my face, I just love changing it with make up. I’m an intelligent feminist woman, and feel no conflict between these facts, despite others perhaps thinking that wearing make-up as much as I do must mean otherwise.

Going make-up free makes me very nervous. On one level it’s linked to not feeling ‘myself’ without the face I draw on each morning, and on a more simple level it’s about not being able to disguise my blemishes, flaws and tiredness.

I’m working from home, but still working, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating. I’m off to the bank, and to do some work on my laptop at my regular coffice (working from a coffee shop as if it were an office). I would never leave my house at all without makeup usually, and actually even if I was just staying home alone I’d still apply my makeup in the morning. My makeup isn’t for other people, it’s for me.

I went make-up free for the day but definitely didn't enjoy it. I had the fears of bumping into people I know! When the work day finished I was very relieved to put my face on properly. As you can see in the compairson pictures above, make-up just works like real life photoshop!

The #YpsilonVice challenge for today was to go make-up free on a date, and despite feeling like I’m a relatively brave person, there is absolutely no way I could do that. Would you be brave enough?