Dare to be different with Chrysler Ypsilon - Endurance Challenge

This is a sponsored post, but all views are of course my own

The Chrylser Ypsilon Vice or Virtue campaign challenges women to be different and more daring (right up my alley of course!) and they’ll be setting daily challenges (with daily prizes over on The Stylist website). Today’s #YpsilonVice Challenge was “Push yourself to the limit and take on an endurance challenge”. Challenge accepted!

I recently ran my second ever 5k run, 7 months after my first. If I ever run at the gym, its a 2k max, and on  the rare occasion I run the streets, the longest distance is 2-4km. So when I needed to choose an endurance challenge, I knew it would a running one.

I’ve never run further than 5km, but had nearly signed up for a 10k last week (but didn’t due to time and nerves). I wondered, could I run 10k - surely if you can run 5, you can run 10…….surely?

Then I started to doubt myself, and lowered the goalpost for this challenge, perhaps aiming for 5k on the streets around my house. I’ve only managed to 5k at public events which means I have no choice but to keep going!


I committed to the idea of this long(er) run by eating about 3 hours before I’d finished work and be able to get changed for a run. I also committed by telling someone else I was planning on running the longest distance I’d ever run at home. Much harder to back out if someone’s is going to ask you about it!

 I have been considering running to a podcast, rather than music, to try and increase my mental endurance, so I downloaded a new Jillian Michaels podcast (which lasted 51 minutes) and off I went.

Basically, I got lost. I got lost and just kept running. 5k in, and still pretty far from home, I started to feel twingy in my ankle, and quads, but on I  plodded. The thing with endurance is just focusing on one single moment after another. One step, and one step, and one more step. Repeat.

Hold the phone, I finished the podcast, and I ran 10k. My first ever 10k, and it was in under an hour. Hold the freaking phone.

It felt pretty great. Definitely pretty great. Loved this challenge!

If you want to take this challenge, today’s prize over on Stylist is a pair of Mudderella tickets which looks like a kick arse way to test your body in a new and fun way with your friends.

Watch this space for the next  #Ypsilonvice or #Ypsilonvirtue I take part in (new challenges are being set daily), and do let me know if you use them as an excuse to do something a little bit daring.