#CoffeewithCurrys Nespresso Bloggers' Event

This was not my first coffee blogger event rodeo, I've been coffee tasting with Starbucks as well as filming an event with Dolce Gusto, and this time I was off to an event hosted by Nespresso and Currys PCWorld. It seems my love of coffee precedes me.

Coffee for me, is my little me-moment, I start the day with coffee in bed (thanks Dolce Gusto for the machine on my bedside table). If I'm with my boyfriend, we have a cup together and talk about our days ahead, and if I'm alone I just watch some TV while catching up on social media. It means I'm not starting my day in a rush. I don't eat breakfast, and coffee gets me ready to be up and about.

If you've never been to a blogger event, prepared to get stuck in. Join a random group of people and just start a conversation. It will seem as if everyone knows each other, but chances are they met 10 minutes before meeting you. Fake it.

Ever the rebel, I moved away from the suggested latte art activity, and was determined to create a cute bear. I had to cheat somewhat, but ta-dah...one latte bear. Boom.

After 4 shots of alcohol in my cocktails, and about 14 shots of coffee I was ready to head home, slightly buzzy and oddly tired (I'd hit the caffeine wall).

I own a Dolce Gusto machine, and I have two Tassimo machines at work. After this event I now know about Nespresso machines. I'm definitely a coffee machine pro.