Cutting Bettie Bangs at Rockalily Cuts

A while ago I did a video of me cutting my own Bettie Bangs......which always makes me chuckle a bit...I know the big blunt scissors make hairdressers (and myself to be honest!) squirm a bit!


I understand that some of us either lack the time to get our fringes trimmed, or can't find a hairdresser that will successfully cut them in the correct shape, and sometimes have to resort to cutting them ourselves. However, if you're cutting them from scratch I would always recommend finding a hairdresser to give you the correct shape to start with!

We had Shona from New Adventures in Vintage in the salon today, and impulsively she decided to get some Bettie Bangs cut in. Fabulous! My kind of lady!

I bet you'll agree that Shona suits her new bangs perfectly!

I hope her decision wasn't swayed too heavily by the mojitos we had! ;-)