Customising T-shirts...Can you do better than me? Prove it!

I suffer from a syndrome that currently remains nameless. A small excitable part of my brain loves to get crafty. I enjoy the mess, and the thrill of the chase; what on earth will I end up with? However, I also suffer from a pretty terrible ability to control my own body. My sense of coordination and spatial awareness are my weak spots, which generally means all craft activities end up with disappointment.

I got enthusiastic about making myself a new customised Rockalily Cuts t-shirt, and got scissor happy. My only rule was no sewing.

I got slicing, knotting and cutting. I have a natural aversion to planning, so I just leapt right in, and changed my path a few times along the way.

After my energetic but generally failed attempt, I decided I should put it out to those craftier than myself! Could that be you?

If you're a blogger with a crafty side, and you fancy showing me how its done, I'll pop you a tshirt in the post, if you'll show me your efforts! I can then get inspired, and perhaps try again!

Drop me an email on and I'll get a tshirt out to you!