Curvy? Plus size? Average? Models in adverts

I was flicking through a magazine and this advert for Elomi lingerie which immediately jumped out at me. She stands out, as she is curvier/bigger/plus sized compared to almost every other woman I see in modelling and advertisments.

She stands out because I recognise her body shape as not too dissimiliar to my own.

She stands out because she looks amazing, and healthy and happy.

This image shouldn't be as surprising as it was. 

Rather interestingly, I flicked a few more pictures, and found this second lingerie advert:

Again, it grabbed me, as she isn't the standard stock model size, but bloody hell what a great body. She is advertising plus sized sports bras, and she's clearly athletic and firm and awesome, but she is definitely 'bigger' than other sports bra adverts I see.

Perhaps slowly.....slowly we are seeing a change in the bodies that surround us in mainstream advertising.