Curling your hair - don't panic when you take the rollers out!

I know I post a lot about my hair, but it seems people like to see how other people style their hair. I know I love seeing other people's sets.

Last night I decided to try smaller rollers than my usual sets, which obviously result in a tighter curl.

I realised that back when I first starting curling my hair, it would have panicked me (seeing my hair this morning!). However experience has taught me that brushing out can be the most important part of set. So I thought I'd show a photo, in the hope in gives some people faith in curlers.

Picture 1 shows how spindley and odd the hair looks just out of the rollers. I use mousse to set my curls, which makes them look quite cripsy to start. Don't panic if you hair looks awful when you take your rollers out! Just brush, brush, brush. It is good to brush against your palm to shape it, and lessen frizz. My hand felt sore this morning, but just keep going!

Picture 2 shows it just brushed out. As I used small curlers, it means I have a much frizzier look overall, more old'lady chic, rather than Marilyn style curls. But I don't mind it! Always nice to have a change.

Picture 3 is my do out and about. The curls hold well as they are so tight. I can compete against any old lady with a fresh perm and set!

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