Cupcake Decorating Workshop - Craft Cakes in London

As a birthday present to my scrummy step-mum, I took us both to a cupcake decorating course (after trying at home and failing).

I booked us a spot with Craft Cakes, which is run by Leigh Koh (who has a very impressive cake CV!).

I arrived to find all of the table prepared for us all, with a bowl of butter cream icing waiting.


Firstly we had to decide which colour to make our icing. We were using a gel colouring, so you just add a tiny bit and mix!







Time to get icing! We used a small icing bag first, and used the letter sheets to have a practice.








Once we had mastered that we were ready for the big guns.







It was time to stop practising and move on to some marzipan. We dyed it with the coloured gel, and used a mini punch cutter.


Leigh provides a range of glitters, balls and other decoration, so it was exciting to be able to finally get going on six real cakes!


These first six were Leigh's examples.

She had modelled each technique, and gave a few little hints and tips for different looks.

We also got to eat these while decorating our own. Yum.





These six are my step-mum's handiwork. My favourite is the multicoloured one.






These final six are mine!


Dinner when I got home was two of these, and another two may well be breakfast tomorrow.