Crisis at Christmas - My confession


Last year I volunteered with Crisis at Christmas, as a salon manager at one of the vital sites they set up for the xmas period. The work they do goes so far beyond a warm, safe bed and hot food. Access to doctors, opticians, hair salons, legal advice, the internet, and much more is provided for each and every guest. I was keen to return, and when the volunteer sign-ups opened for this year in October, I signed up. This year I went for volunteering for the dog care site, looking after the guests’ dogs, so that they are free to access all of the services, knowing their precious pets are safe and taken care of.

I signed up, got excited, and tweeted, letting people know that they could sign up should they fancy it. I loved that that same day, I had a response saying someone had done just that!

Here comes the embarrassing bit. I’ve now cancelled my shifts. Ugh.

Confession - I was offered an opportunity to go on holiday over that time, and I decided to take it. I definitely feel lame. My first act of re-balancing the sh*tty karma was to buy two ‘dinners’ with Crisis at Christmas. It’s called “Reserve a place” and you can reserve a person’s spot for £28.18. Secondly, we’ll both be volunteering at the start of the year in some other capacity. So here I am, being honest. I quit my planned volunteering to go on holiday. Ugh.