Counting the pennies...or just watching the pounds?

The saying goes that if you watch the pennies, the pounds will count themselves. I however, disagree. 

I'm going to relate my theory to food and dieting, as well as money, as I think it relates equally to both.

So, if you were changing your food intake, and counting the pennies, you'd be counting the calories of everything - all solids, all liquids, and all calories burned. You may end up forgoing certain vegetables as they're too high in sugar, or wearing a pedometer. You may get off the bus one stop early, or always take the stairs, as every little counts.

With money you may give up your morning starbucks, keep a spending spreadsheet, or have a jar for your pennies. You may move bank accounts once a year to get the best interest rate, or use Groupon religiously.

I was talking to my step dad recently, as he also runs his own business, and it turns out that neither of us count the pennies. We almost believe that if you spend too long counting pennies, you miss the bigger picture.

With diet and exercise, personally, counting the small stuff doesn't work for me. I don't want to count calories, or weigh myself. I want to stay focused on the end goal, and just make sure I'm pointing in that direction 95% of the time. 

In business, I want to remain profitable, but I don't want to count how many drinks a customer has, how much shampoo is used on them, or whether we use 2 tubes of colour, or 2 and a half. It just isn't how I want to move forward, and so far, so good!

Even when I quit my job, I refused to give up Starbucks. Having a moment sitting in a coffee shop is one of my biggest daily pleasures, and I decided to focus on bigger ways of making self employed money, rather than scrimping the pennies. I toyed with making a spending diary, but just decided I didn't want to be that person.

I've changed my eating recently, and I started with making better choices each and every time. Healthier, good food. Not comparing calories, or fat per gram. Just heading in the right direction and trusting you'll arrive in the right place.

What do you think? Do you keep your eyes on the details?