Congested skin

As a teen I had terrible skin. Not quite clinical acne, but very red spots, mainly all over my forehead, and my skin made me pretty miserable. As an adult, my skin has been pretty fine. Not perfect, and a few hormonal spots every now and then, and definitely a spot if I over indulge. But good enough.

I've used Liz Earle's cleanse and polish for years now, and my skin had never been better. I just didn't need to think too much about it. Especially because I wear a good foundation!

However I noticed this past week that my skin is not happy. My cheeks seem congested with little pimples and redness. Very unusual for me.

If you believe face mapping, which connects  spots on your face to different causes, spots on the cheeks are related to the respiratory system. 

However, I haven't been cleaning my face  as well as I used to, so perhaps that is the cause? But that hasn't started this week, so I wonder why it's kicked in now?

I'm going to get stricter on myself and get back to a good routine with my cleanse and polish and hopefully that will clear it up.

How is your skin routine?