Let's talk about (safe) sex #CondomConvo

This is a sponsored post from One Condoms, but all words are my own. I choose to work with brands like this because sex matters, and our health matters. In the past I've collaborated with Gynaehealth and Vagisil (twice - here and here), and I regulary share things related to my own sexual health and period woes. You can read about my implant here, how I fell in love with the Diva cup here. Basically I strongly believe we need to shake the stigma, and help everyone be healthier, sexier and happier in relation to their bodies and their sex lives. Ok, introduction over.

Apparently the first rubber condom was created in 1855. Now the Victorians were a hedonistic bunch, and with more free time than ever before, they invented porn as we know it, and rubber condoms must have been pretty exciting. However, the rubber was super thick and pretty miserable to use, so I'm guessing men quickly refused to use them.  Latex condoms reared their head by about 1920, and lubrication was added in 1957. However it wasn't until the tragic AIDS epidemic in the 80s, that condoms really came into their own.

I've been thinking a lot about sexual health recently. Just in the last couple of days there was an outrage on social media about Boots the chemist keeping the price of the morning-after-pill artificially high, so as to avoid complaints and inappropriate behaviour (last night they apologised and said they'd look into a cheaper alternative, which is amazing).

I also went to my local Sexual Health Clinic this week, to find it closed down, and found out the other local one has closed down too. I'm sad and cross, and worried. making access to sexual and reproductive health harder to get to is bad news for everyone.

Condoms shouldn't be embarrassing, just as sex shouldn't. They help you stay disease free, and child free.

Did you know that,

More than a third of the 118,774  sexually transmitted infections reported in the capital last year were in those aged 15 to 24, according to Public Health England. - Source.

Young people are having unsafe sex, which is making them ill, possibiliy damaging their fertility, and almost certainly resulting in unplanned, and unwanted pregnancies. This stuff matters.

Between consenting adults (or those of legal age) sex can be fun and healthy. It can release happy chemicals in your brain or at least 'scratch that horny itch' in a more exciting way than flying solo (although flying solo is fun too!). But we can't bury our head in the sand. Going condom free should be reserved for those relationships where you have both tested negative, and trust each other not to having sex with unknown and untested people. 

Sex should be fun, and equally pleasurable for everyone involved. Diseases (some are not curable remember) and unwanted babies are definitely the ultimate kill-joy.