Colouring our hair - can we really be whatever colour we want?

Those of us who like unconventional hair colours also tend to be a tad fickle. We like changing our hair colours a lot; often without too much thought.

We tend to be able to look at hair colour charts, select the shade and somehow just get that on our hair, as if we were selecting paint for a wall.

I tend to get bored of black, expect to be able to go lighter, and then usually end up black again within a few months.

But of course I have had to learn over the years, that colouring hair isn't like selecting a paint colour. We can't just pick what we want and just get it. Sadly, as much as we may hope and try!

The hair colour that we end up with obviously varies massively on the type of hair we have, the condition it is in, what colour it is currently, what colours it has been in the past and what products we use now. Hmmmm.

There may well be another hair colour change from me this space!