Colour Changes - Can we be whatever we want to be?

We are definitely a hair salon that attracts customers who want awesome coloured hair. However we do turn a lot of people away, or convince that that perhaps they need to make a better colour choice. I thought I'd do a short little blog about why we sometimes say no (it isn't because we're mean).

*Unless your hair is white underneath it won't be exactly like the shade you point at on the colour chart. We have to work with what you have, and a hairdresser has seen many a failed colour change. It may be worth listening to your don't have to follow it, but listen first.

*Some hair has just had too much done to it, to have much more done safely. Hair does snap off, and it will be fine, and fine and then fine....until it isn't. Hairdressers have been trained to judge what hair can withstand. 

*Some hair colours take a lot of upkeep. Some people just don't want to be commited to keeping the colours bright and fabulous. If we think you won't want to maintain it, we will advise against it.

We do love an exciting colour change, but we do want your hair to be happy and healthy too.

Both of these colour changes took about 4 hours I's not as simple as whacking a colour on the top, but we hope the results are worth it!