Collectif, Friends, and Harrods on Valentine's Day

I may well be single, but I quite like Valentine's Day! How could I not when I got surprised with a rose this morning by Miss Banbury Cross? We popped to Harrods for a bite to eat at their diner, and a sneaky catch up over a bottle of wine.

I then popped into Collectif in Camden to get my hair styled for a night out with the girls. Collectif have started offering a pop-up hair studio on Saturdays (and today for Valentine's). If you spend £50 in store, you get your hair done for free, or you can pay £12 for any retro hair do.

Afterwards I popped off to have a lovely evening out with some lovely single ladies. We shared stories about boys in our lives, enjoyed a drink or two, and munched on nachos. Perfect.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?