Clarks and Liberty - Chorus Voice

 I recently blogged about a sneak peek of the new Clark's Liberty range, and here is my review of my sample pair.

I adore Clarks, and if you searched my blog, you would see that I have been wearing their shoes for years. I have a very bad back, and find Clarks give me the support I need. I don't really wear high heels, but on the rare occaison that I do, they're always Clarks heels.

I had been meant to receive the red heels, as red shoes match a lot of my outfits, but got these nude/pink ones instead. Now, not a colour I would ever pick, but I definitely think that come summer, I may be pleased to have such a light colour to wear with dresses - all of my shoes tend to be dark shades.

The shoes are suede, and it does make them seem a little dirty? I guess this a failing with any pale suede colours on a shoe?

As predicted, they feel super comfortable, I wouldn't expect any less from Clarks! If only I could buy shares in the company, I'd pimp them out more!

I'm sure I'll take them to Vegas next month, so keep an eye out for outfit posts with them in!