Christmas - Vintage Vogue Handmade Dress, Vintage Dress and other Wonderfully Vintage Inspired Things

I feel spoilt and lucky today. We are not a rich family, but we do Christmas in quite a big  way in the Rockette household.

I have been given so many wonderful things, and I thought I would share. This is partly to solidify in my mind how thoughtful and fabulous my family are, and also because I think some of my gifts will be of interest to others.

First, an assortment of awesomeness. These include loads of Liz Earle stuff, slippers, gloves, socks, tights, balloon animals, dvd box set, pink pants. An already fab haul.





Next a Burlesque (the movie) OPI nailpolish kit, as well as a selection of OPI colours and accessories. My nails are sorted for 2011.






This picture isn't that clear to see, but has a set of FCUK earrings and matching bracelet, and a necklace. Oh, and the cute gift bag.

Here is a M&S red leopard cardigan, which fits beautifully, and a Topshop leopard print skinny belt.



These two Woman magazines are from 1943, and are full of wartime articles and advice. The advice pages are incredible, and I can't wait to share with you the details from them (including a letter asking advice about falling in love with an Italian prisoner of war. Style Me Vintage Hair is a beautifully designed book and I can't wait to try some out.







I love vintage books, and these three are perfect. Can't wait to read them in more detail. Next in this random list is a fascinator and the kneeling chair I have been desperate for! They help my back so so much.

A vintage dress next. Always a gamble with sizing, and as it turns out, it only needs a tiny dart put in to tighten the bodice area.














And the one that took the most physical effort of all - a dress made by Mother Rockette from a Vintage Vogue 1954 pattern. As it was a surprise she couldn't measure me, and amazingly it fits basically perfectly!    


 Mother Rockette has always dabbled with making clothes, making many of my childhood clothes when we couldn't afford many. However, she said that this really pushed her sewing abilities, and took her a long time. Apparently she was still sewing it this morning! The buttons were the trickiest bit, and when I looked at them I could see why. They are not button holed in the way I would have expected (with the button holes stitched in), but have fabric covering the holes. I tried to show this on the picture second from the button - I don't know the technical term!

I will of course take some pictures with me wearing it. It hanging on a coat hanger simply doesn't do it justice. I was given some cash too, so hopefully will get a petticoat to go underneath.

Here is me wearing my new dress with a petticoat for the first time!

I feel very lucky, and hope that the presents I gave give as much pleasure to their new owners.


The main present I got Mother Rockette was an art deco vintage watch, and one of her small presents were these vintage Italian poppers. One small present I got for my Step-Dad was this vintage champagne stopper, his main present was some vintage French Resistance supporter ribbons. Step-Ma Rockette got some vintage baking goodies.