Christmas Lights......yup I said Christmas.

Don't kill me, but I'm going to write about Christmas. In September. I'm sorry. However, as I've grown up and figured out how to enjoy Christmas as a grown up, rather than as a a kid in the family, I've realised that preparation helps. I'm now one of those people who buy gifts all year round. This works as it spreads the cost, meaning December isn't crazy expensive, and it allows me to find vintage treasures as gifts, which can't be bought in a last minute panic on the high street. It allows me to relax and enjoy the Christmas season. But yes, sorry.


One of the things I love about Christmas, is the twinkly lights.

I currently have red berry christmas lights, but may well add to my collection this year.


This garland light strand is £12.95

This berry garland is £19.50


These are customisable and pretty fab! Great for weddings too. They cost £28

Get ready for some festive kissing with these mistletoe lights. They cost £38.95

If you fancy a more kitsch christmas, how about flamingo lights? These cost £14.95

If you fancy outside lights, I like these trees, which are £19.99 for a set of four.

Are you a christmas prepper, or a last minute kind of person?