Christmas Gifts - My Blog Post

Christmas is now over for another year! I love seeing my family, but also love getting home again at the end of it! 

My family put a lot of effort in Christmas, which means my gifts are always a little overwhelming, and I always like to take a few days to appreciate how lucky I am. This year is no different.

So, here is what I got!

My vintage glasses tattoo was my first christmas present this year! The gift that truely lasts forever!


This is the No.7 Light Up Mirror, which lights up around the edge. I have added some random stickers to cover the No.7 logo.

The massive book is A Year in Fashion which is a mixture between a photography book (history of past 100 years in fashion) and a diary/journal. Each date of the year has a page to take notes in it. It weighs a ton! The second book is 50's Fashion which is a graphic collection of vintage advertising. Thirdly, a crossword book as I am always disappointed at how poorly I do at crosswords - practice makes perfect!

Two note pads, one with a vintage typewriter, and one full of cute dogs. Two lipstick pens.

A N.W.3 handbag. N.W.3 is the younger sister brand from Hobbs and this uber cute mini bag is currently in their sale if you fancy it too! 

A swallow diamonte necklace, which came in this cute wooden gift box.

This is a rose cardigan, perfect for snuggly in when spring gets cold! I think it has a nice 1940s quality to it.

Leopard print tights, and two pairs of stockings.

Hot water bottle, tissues, Elemis cleanser and dollars for my VLV 15 trip in April 2012.

A leopard faux fur collar. I am going to cut the ribbon off, and add a little hook and eye to make it sit more neatly. I  look forward to wearing it with cardigans to get a new look!

This is a cropped jumper, again it has a nice 1940s edge to it. I was bought a size small, which I am certainly not, but oddly it fits. Perhaps it was designed to be a little baggy, but I would wear it tighter (with a pencil skirt or high cropped trousers).

It has a very sweet cut away and bow detail on the back.

This is a squirrel print top with a peter pan collar. Again, it must be designed to be loose and baggy, as this is a size ten. But it fits nicely (and more fitted) on me, and I am also going to take it up to make it shorter, so it has more of a vintage cut.

This is an awesome faux fur leopard coat from Oasis, and I love it! Come on cold January - I'm ready!

As you can see, I have a lot to feel grateful for, and will be writing my thank you cards next week.

Did you get anything awesome for Christmas?