Christmas 1945 Magazine - What should I do with all that old blackout material?

I previously posted about a 1945 post-war magazine I got given as a gift, showing how some of the adverts talk about the war explicitly.

It also includes an article suggesting what you could do with the old blackout material you had left over from the war.



"Nursery Holdall and Screen: Presenting an idea for a real mother's help - useful in more ways than one."

The artcile describes using your old blackout material, coloured braid and a small clothes-horse (or three chairs).

You may wish to use any 'gaily patterned oddments' to make the pockets out of. You can use the coloured braid to male a 'pretty effect' on top of each pocket.

It will prove to be a good screen for bathing baby, as well as providing a convenient place for clothes and toilet accessories.