Christmas 1945 Magazine Adverts

I have already received a few of my christmas pressies, and one was a portion of a vintage magazine, from the end of 1945. I found it fascinating how many of the adverts directly relate to the war (which had just ended), so I have included some here to share!






"Rationing has been a great success but still many people are suffering from one deficiency - the vital mineral - IRON."


















"Now that Liberty Slip-On Bodices are so scarce, remember you can make them last much longer by careful washing."












 "Due to replacement difficulties linens have had to last much longer and withstand greater wear and tear; ''Make do'' has been a very necessary economy."




I apologise for the poor quality of this one.


"She's bringing Christmas to the Forces.

Miss Naffy brings Chritsmas fare to all those serving men and women who cannot be with their families. This is only one aspect of Naafi's service which goes on at all times, in all seasons. To maintain it, Naafi needs more paid workers - especially mangageresses and assistants, counter assitsnats and women with knowledge of home cooking, to train as canteen and hostel cooks. Ask your local Employment Exchange if there is a vacancy in an area where you are prepared to work and (if you are no in employment) whether you can obtain release.



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From the same magazine as the above adverts, there is also an article about what you can use that old blackout material for.