Christmas 1945 - How to lose weight the vintage way


This article comes from the same magazine as these vintage christmas adverts and this article about using up your old blackout material.

It is a diet advice column, always useful around the christmas period! I actually found it quite surprising that so soon after the end of the war, and while rationing was still in effect, that diet articles were being published.

Here are some quotes from the article, 'Design for Slimming'

"Wouldn't you like to have a figure as lovely as young British star, Muriel Pavlov, here? It's simple, says Jane Clare, and lets you in on the secret."

"Mary has been complaining about her increasing inches, and certainly her skirts did bgein to look tight around the hips...Poor Mary! She's preparing food or drink for somebody all day long, it seems to me, and I don't envy her worry it must be. Nor the temptation to nibble, which is precisely the cause of the trouble she is having with her figure."

Jane Claire, the ever supportive friend offers this diet:

7am - A glass of hot water

8am - Same breakfast as the family but omitting jam or honey and substituting if possible, toast for bread. No fluid at all.

11am - Cocoa, unsweetened. Nothing to eat.

1pm - Ordinary lunch of teh day, but only one potatoe and a very small helping of pudding. No after-lunch tea.

4:30pm - Two or more cups of weak tea, with saccharine instead of sugar. Nothing to eat.

7:30pm - A small supper, smae as Jim, but with fresh fruit instead of any sweet stuff, if possible. No fluid.

9pm - One or two glasses of hot water.

There are three cardinal rules:

1. Never drink at the same time as you eat.

2. Eat Ordinary meals, but cut down starchy foods, potatoes, bread, pudding, cakes - wherever you can.

3. Don't eat more than three times a day.

"And I could add one more which really puts the whole thing in a nutshell: eat as little as you can. This is not to say you should go without food to the point where you feel exhausted and miserable, of course; nobody in their senses would do that these days. But if you are overweight and growing more so, as Mary was, it's a sure sign that your body is receiving more food that it can happily deal with."

"Your clothes will look smarter, you'll move with more grace, and you'll feel a brighter and happier person altogether, so it's well worth trying!"