Cheap (Homemade) Gift Idea - Affirmation Jars

Looking for a thoughtful but cheap homemade gift idea (for Christmas or any other celebration)? How about a personalised "Affirmation Jar"?

These are jars full of positive affirmations, for the recipient to dip into daily, or when needed. Daily affirmations can be a way to reset or override negative thought patterns, and give a way to practice new replacement internal voices until they become more natural. Sounds a load of mumble jumble I know, but can really work! Promise!

I personalised the affirmations based on who they are for, giving affirmations that speak to their life situations. For example, an anxious parent may seek comfort from, "You are a lovely parent who does their very best each and every time". Someone with low self esteem may benefit from, "You are funny, warm and people enjoy your company". An entrepreneur may like, "Today I appreciate the journey I have made so far, and look forward to discovering what is next."

Here are my Printable Pages of Affirmations if you want to print them, or use them for inspiration!