A quick chat with Charley - Rockalily Cuts' manager

"I started hairdressing at 15, back in 2005. I needed a saturday job while I was at school, and I stuck with it as I like the creativity, and every day feels brand new. 

I'd been told about Rockalily Cuts, and it looked like you guys were having more fun than I was at my current salon so I applied! And I've now been at Rockalily Cuts for 3 years. I've been presented with lots of awesome opportunities and I have a lot of fun. I get to do fun colours every day, and get really creative. We have a great team, and really fab customers."

rockalily hair products

"My current favourite products? I like Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Power (which we use and sell at Rockalily Cuts) as it doesn't feel producty, and gives great volume. Loreal Techni Art Constructor is a great salon product. I use it when I use straighteners as my heat protectorr and to stop fly aways. Layrite, again a product we both use and sell at the salon, my favourite is the blue one. It's easy to apply, easy to spread on hands, and easy to wash out. I also love Bed Head Tigi Maxxed Out; it's great for curly blow dries."

"What makes a great client? Someone who knows what they like, but trusts us enough to take advice. And anyone who keeps their head still!

What makes a bad client? Someone who doesnt listen, or take advice. Lateness. Or no shows.

Why do people get nervous?  Previous bad experiences, which is completely understandable. They don't know how to explain what they want (btw the solution is bringing photos!). Being somewhere new can be intimidating too.

Not everyone can afford to tip, or wants to tip, and I really don't expect it. I'm always really grateful for any tips, even just £1 is appreciated. The best tip I ever got was £100! I was once tipped free concert tickets, when I cut Paul Weller's hair. He gave everyone in the salon (when I worked in Portobello Road) tickets for his gig that evening. Paul was grounded and awesome, and the gig was amazing!"

How would I describe I personal style? Varied! From everything from rockabilly to 90s hipster. I like coming to work wearing what I want, it puts me in a better mind frame, I'm up and ready for work once I've got done up. I even wear heels; they make me sassy and empowered. Like I'm ready to take on the world. I really enjoy getting ready for work, especially as we're not like other salons where you wear all black.

If you're considering getting into hair, you'll need to love it. Its long hours and can be tiring, pay isn't always great. If you don't love it, it's not worth it. One great tip is that the best juniors make the best stylists. How hard you work as a junior is noticed by everyone. You learn the skills you need as a junior, even when it doesn't feel like you're learning anything.

If I could do anyone's hair, I'd love to get my hands on Yolandi Visser, from Die Antwood.

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I'd love to put some colour in her hair as she's so famously white blonde, and give her haircut a Chelsea girl spin.

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