Charity, Burlesque and the 1980s

Tonight I worked at C30, C60, C80s, GO!, a charity fundraiser put on by the lovely Rose Thorne and Beyond The Cabaret. It had a massive line up of burlesque and cabaret, as well as a raffle - what else do you need for a fab night out?




I did my best to look like I was from the 1980s, but actually ended up looking extremely Shoreditch Chic.

I had quite a few people ask about my T-shirt, it is actually the T-shirt of my Step Dad's 1980s punk band - authentic for the night I felt!

The night also gave me a lovely chance to catch up with my chum Khandie Khisses. At some point she whipped out a gorgeous 1961 camera and started snapping.











I had hoped to win the tattoo voucher in the rafflle, but sadly it was not meant to be!