Changing my black hair to pink hair part 2

Here was yesterday's attempt at stripping the black hair dye out of my hair, and going pink. I was left orange.

Today I went out and bought another stripping kit and two pink dyes.

On went the bleach...again, quite nervous as it was third bleach, but only left it on for about 20 mins.

I then put on the pink on the left in this picture:

I chose it as it was a nicer shade of pink, but I bought the Crazy colour too, as a back up plan. I have not wanted to use Crazy colour again, but I knew the brighter pink would definitely cover if I needed it.

The white bottle needed heat to work, so I covered my hair and used a hairdryer on medium.

It did make it more pink, but was still orange.





So Crazy Colour it was. The reason I hadn't wanted to use it was that it is stronger than the other colours. It stains more, and if it rains, your clothes will be covered in dye. But it's stronger.














Edited to add:



The flash on my camera makes it look super pink.


 It kind of looks like a wig!