Challenge Yourself to be Happier in 7 Days - Challenge 7

Welcome to my 7 Day Challenge - Challenge Yourself To Be Happier. Happiness is a choice; a series of actions and thoughts. It rarely happens by accident, we find what we seek.

If you need a little kick in the behind in creating your own happiness, I hope you'll find these 7 challenges useful, or at least interesting!

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Take a look at Challenge 2 if you missed it! - Move your body

Take a look at Challenge 3 if you missed it! - Focus on what you can control

Take a look at challenge 4 if you missed it! - Spend time with people who love you

Take a look at Challenge 5 if you missed it! - Excuse those who are rude to you

Take a look at Challenge 6 if you miss it! - Change your vocabulary

Challenge 7

If you want to be loved, be more loving. This can be applied to happiness. If you want to be happier, create more happiness. These can be small acts of happiness-sharing like smiling at a stranger, offering a compliment or buying a coffee for the next customer.

The acts can be larger; giving your time and attention to someone else who needs it. Does someone need help to paint their living room? Or a loan that you can afford to give?

Your final challenge is to write a list of things you can easily do this week to create more moments of happiness for other people.