Challenge Yourself to be Happier in 7 Days - Challenge 6

Welcome to my 7 Day Challenge - Challenge Yourself To Be Happier. Happiness is a choice; a series of actions and thoughts. It rarely happens by accident, we find what we seek.

If you need a little kick in the behind in creating your own happiness, I hope you'll find these 7 challenges useful, or at least interesting!

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Challenge 6

If you tell a young child they're ugly or stupid over and over, they'll believe it to be true. You're an adult, you must know best. Your mind is similar to a young child, it believes what you tell it, as fact. More than that, it believes whatever words you use. 

Even if you frame something positive, but with negative language, your mind just hears and focuses on the negative language. For example, if you want to be more outgoing, but continually excuse yourself as shy, your mind just focuses on the fact that you're shy. It should be reframed as "I'm developing my confidence", or "I'm more confident every day" or "I'm just as confident as everyone else". Your mind hears the word confident and believes that to be true.

I know this sounds a little out there, but it works!

Your challenge is to catch the vocabulary you hear in your thoughts and reframe any that have their attention in the wrong place. 

When someone asks how you are, answer with enthusiam and joy. People often comment that I don't reply with "Fine," I tend to use "Awesome" or "Fabulous" as they're words I use a lot in my vocabulary (intentionally so).