Challenge Yourself to be Happier in 7 Days - Challenge 4

Welcome to my 7 Day Challenge - Challenge Yourself To Be Happier. Happiness is a choice; a series of actions and thoughts. It rarely happens by accident, we find what we seek.

If you need a little kick in the behind in creating your own happiness, I hope you'll find these 7 challenges useful, or at least interesting!

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Challenge 4

Life gets busy sometimes and it's easy to keep postponing hanging out with friends. But friends and people who think you're ace are often under estimated in their ability to make your soul feel soothed.

 Just being able to relax, and not feel a need to perform, and that the authentic you is worthy, gives your mind and your soul a cheeky little squeeze.

It may be a social group, where your interest isn't frowned upon, or old friends, or family, or even some lovely work colleagues. 

If you really don't think you have anyone who fits the bill, that is available to hang out with, use this challenge as a spring board to develop some more positive relationships. The easiest way to do this is by offering help. Is there something local you could help with? Or a local person you could befriend? Or join a group of like minded people - the women's institute, or a craft group? Or a politically minded group? 

Often, when you feel like making the effort the least, is the time you really should.