Challenge Yourself to be Happier in 7 Days - Challenge 3

Welcome to my 7 Day Challenge - Challenge Yourself To Be Happier. Happiness is a choice; a series of actions and thoughts. It rarely happens by accident, we find what we seek.

If you need a little kick in the behind in creating your own happiness, I hope you'll find these 7 challenges useful, or at least interesting!

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Challenge 3

People who find happiness less easy to create/find tend to get anxious and stressed over things they have no control over. For example while travelling on public transport or queuing at the post office I often notice people huffing, or moaning and complaining about the wait. They even turn to their neighbour to share their negativity, seeking validation. Happier people accept that the time of the bus, or the speed of the queue is out of their control, and use the time patiently or productively. They may have a friendly chat with the person next to them, take time to read, use their smart phone or just stand and look around.

On a larger scale, people spend a lot of energy not realising they can't change anyone else but themselves. Instead of focusing on creating their own happiness, they get sucked into thinking they can make others happy first. Happier people allow people to be who they are, offering guidance only when asked of it. They accept someone as they present themselves, and don't wait for improvements. 

Make a list of the things you have control over, and only allow your energies to be focused on these.

Stephen Covey reminds us in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that between every situation and reaction is a space for us to decide what our response will be. No situation and reaction and automatically connected. He says that the greatest freedom comes when we focus on this space in the middle, rather than the situation itself.