Celebrating New Year - the changes a year can bring

I recently blogged about my resolution when I was 7 years old and it got me thinking about how much can change in a year. I decided to have a flick back over the years, and via facebook managed to document the last four years' celebrations.


New Year's Eve 2006/2007 at a burlesque themed event in Tiger Tiger. Turned out to be the only pair in themed costume but had a fabulous drunken night nonetheless.


NYE 2007/2008 was an Anon Anon, and I believe it was a Kiss100 event. I remember the prices of drinks were incredibly high, but it didn't stop me getting hammered. Great night that ended with singing with the busker on the tube home.


Another burlesque themed night for 2008/2009, this time at Proud Camden.

Proud Cabaret was the location of 2009/2010, for the White Mischief event. I only wish my outift had lived up to some of the other fabulous creations on display that evening!

Oh how time flies. I had planned to be working this NYE (2010/2011), but things have changed and I'm enjoying a warm night in. Must be getting old!