Cauliflower Pizza - Low carb pizza

This is my third attempt at making cauliflower pizza crust; I'm determined to crack it!

1.I blended about half a small cauliflower. My blender struggled a little, as the cauliflower crumbs jam up the blades. Got there in the end.

2. I placed it in the microwave for 4 minutes.

3. My crust had stayed soggy on my last attempts, so I had purchased a muslin cloth this time. Leave the crumbs to cool down slightly.

4. Squeeze! This is why you need it to cool down, as you're squeezing hot water with your hands.

5 + 6. Season the crumbs. I used a parmesan type cheese and mixed herbs.

7. I added some brown rice flour, which again helps dry it out somewhat.

8. One egg.

9. You don't need to roll it out, I just sort of squished it out into a pizza shape. I placed it on a pizza baking tray in a heated oven.

10. After about 12 minutes the crust started to brown. It smelled delicious! 

11. I'm not much of a cook, so I used a ready made pizza sauce. I have no shame.

12. I added mozarella and spinach. I cooked it perhaps for 6 minutes.

This is where the fail happened. I should have used baking paper, but I used foil. The pizza was completely stuck. I had to eat it by sort of scraping it off. It wasn't pretty. However, on the plus side, it did seem like it would have been a success and held together as a slice, which is pretty exciting. Maybe the 4th time will be the winning event!

ETA - I tried again, and I had baking paper, instead of foil. I'm so nearly there!! It's like a holy grail I can't quite reach. 

It turns out the baking paper wasn't quite enough to stop it sticking! Definitely better than the foil, but still needs some extra help, some sort of oil or butter.

However, look how well it holds together! Woohoo