Cauliflower Pizza Crust - will I be eating pizza again?


I am not a cook, I rarely cook anything. Today I attempted something that felt quite ambitious for me!

I've wanted to try a cauliflower pizza crust for a while, and I finally got nudged into action with a recipe from Deliciously Ella.

I clearly didn't expect mine to look quite as beautiful; I don't have a mixing bowl, so I used my saucepan! But it's good to try new things sometimes, nothing needs to be perfect!

My conclusion - my base was wet, a bit like pizza crust which has got soaked by water. It didn't taste like cauliflower though. This could have been caused a few reasons. I don't have a measuring cup, so perhaps added too much water? Or not enough cauliflower or rice flour? The recipe wasn't very precise with measurements. 

Perhaps I spread it too thick? The outer edges were much crispier and nicer.

But I ate it all. Yup, all. It was definitely something I'd try again.