Catcalled twice today - Spring must be on its way

Today I was cat-called twice on the road of my house. It must mean spring is coming, as the increased skin on show seems to wake up all the pathetic men who feel they have the right to call out and comment on (or at!) women. 

The first was a man who looked me up and down and said, with a congratulatory tone similar to that you'd use with a child who'd made a good effort, "Not bad.

I'd love to step into his head and see the thought process that causes him to open his mouth at times like this. Was he raised this way? Did he lose respect for women later in life? Does he actually believe that women enjoy or welcome feedback from strange men in the street? Does he suffer from a level of self importance that means he feels we all need to know what he thinks? Does he enjoy making women feel uncomfortable?

The second was at night, which always adds an extra level of sinister intent to it. Men who call out to lone women in the dark surely must be more aware of how frightening this is. He walked along side me, "Sister.....oi....sister.....hello....hey.....I just wanted to say your dog is cute".

It makes my blood boil that men behave this way. The tragedy of it really is how often it happens to us. It wouldn't be shocking to hear that it happens daily/weekly to the majority of city women. How dare men intimidate women in this way? How dare they judge us and objectify us? How dare they play around with creating fear.