Canada Day, and changing who we are.


Since opening the salon I've been a little bit lame on attending bloggers' events, so tonight I forced myself out of my salon bubble and went to start the countdown to Canada Day (July 1st).

We were invited to Shutterbug in Shoreditch, which is a cocktail and creperie bar....what a combination!

You can see my before and after plate, and it made me notice something. I really have changed my relationship with food. It really proves to me that you really can do anything, even if it feels so hardwired in you that it seems impossible.

If you want to become a more positive person, yup you can. If you want to become someone who is more giving, or likes exercise, or is more tolerant, or works harder, or writes for an hour each day, you really can. We can be whoever we want. 

Do you agree?