Can white girls have weave? - The pros and cons of sewn in extensions

I have been learning about weave (and wearing a lot of it!), and we will be soon offering it as a salon service, so I thought I'd share my weave experience so far!


  • I love having long hair.
  • You can add thickness to your hair.
  • You can have different coloured dip dye without having to bleach your real hair.
  • You can having different lengths of hair without cutting your real hair.
  • You can give your real hair a bit of a break. The hair that is in braids won't be styled or brushed.



  • You have to style the hair carefully to cover the tracks of the weave.
  • It can become knotted or  matted quite quickly.
  • Unstyled they can look pretty awful. Mine are especially awful unstyled as I have the extensions so much longer than my real hair. I could improve this but having extensions nearer in length to my own hair would make this less of a problem. Mullets are not a good look!
  • It takes a long time to dry it.
  • You may need to plait it up at night to try and stop it knotting.
  • When you take it you may panic at how many hairs seem to fall out. This is just your daily hair loss that hasn't been able to fall out as its in braids. We lose 100 hairs a day!
  • You can't really have a lazy hair day.

My weave top tips

Back-comb the portion of your real hair, to help it cover the tracks.

Having a half-up, half-down style makes it easy to not have the mullet look. Pin your real back and make a mini beehive. Perfect!

Plaits are the lazy day option. Either one large one or two pig tails.

Sleeing in rollers can give them a nice curl each day.

Quality of hair matters. The processing and the quality of hair makes a difference to how much it knots, and how well it curls. You can reuse your hair over and over, so its an investment that can be worth keeping. It's a world of difference having great hair and average/poor hair. We will only be using one brand here, it's pricey but such a pleasure to wear! So so so much better than others we've tried.

The nearer in the length to your real hair the weave is, the easier it will be to style to look natural. Adding just a couple of inches may well be enough and you'll find it easier to wear.

Have you tried weave? Or another type of semi-permanent hair extension? Or clip ins?