Can Marilyn Monroe be a beauty brand ambassador?

Marilyn Monroe (born 1926, died 1962) has become a timeless beauty icon. Her perfectly set blonde hair, sulty eyeliner flicks and pouting red lips remain one of the most popular 'sexy' looks, over 50 years on.

I understand why brands would want to be associated with such beauty and glamour, but I have to say,when I read that yet another brand had announced Marilyn as their brand ambassador, I sighed with disappointment.

Max Factor launch a print and TV campaign this week, featuring Miss Monroe, but it just baffles me somewhat.

They're not the first to launch Marilyn as an 'official' face for a beauty campaign.

Sexy hair have used her for a while, but I just don't really get it. Surely one aspect of a celebrity endorsement is that we vaguely buy into the belief that the famous person actually uses the product?

Chanel used Marilyn for a print and Tv ad, which I guess makes a little more sense, as she at least used the perfume. I'm still a little uncomfortable with someone promoting a brand when they are not able to consent to it themself.

Mac also released a Marilyn range, but I suppose this felt a little more 'in honour of' rather than her directly promoting it, as if she were alive to do so.

What do you think about celebrities who are no longer alive acting as brand ambassadors?

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